How To Perform Cupping Therapy

Although its benefits have not been proven by all sources, the ancient art of cupping therapy continues to be an extremely viable option for individuals who prefer alternative medicine. Historically used for ailments such as Acne, Herpes Roster and Facial Paralysis, cupping generally employs materials such as earthenware, bamboo and glass.

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Source: Image by DR-7Wellness from Pixabay

There are two basic kinds of cupping, one that involves a minimal amount of controlled bleeding and the other option sticks with just the suction and is referred to as “dry cupping.” If you are interested in attempting this ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine, here are the basics to help you get started.

The Tools You Need

Regardless of your preference in cupping, you will need a cup set; this can be satisfied with a few small glass cups. You can also choose to shop for a traditional Chinese Cupping set, which is used for the sole purpose of treating the patient. You should also have some of the following items on hand.

  • Something to start a fire, a cigarette lighter or box of matches will work just fine.
  • Rubbing Alcohol for igniting, cleaning and sanitizing.
  • A set of long tweezers.
  • A few cotton balls.
  • A standard-size candle.

Knowledge Base

When a patient chooses cupping therapy they should be made aware of the fact that there will be a few red circles that remain on the area where the process was carried out. These circles basically remain for a few days, making communication between patient and therapist an important factor. The purpose of the cups is to facilitate a vacuum to the affected area.

Cupping Therapy Benefits

The goal is to pull the blood up and towards the cup which is said to help with tension and extracting toxins. The desired results often produce relief for muscle pain caused by injuries developed from sports and other forms of physical activity.

The Process

Allow the patient to get comfortable for the procedure. Light your candle and leave it within arm’s reach. Place a cotton ball tightly between the tweezers before dipping it into the rubbing alcohol. Carefully remove the cotton ball ensuring that as much of the alcohol as possible has been removed from it. Remember to close the bottle to avoid the possibility of contaminating the area and creating a fireball. With the help of your lighted candle, ignite the cotton ball and place it in one of the cups where you should hold it for no more than ten seconds.

The Application

After removing the cotton ball from inside the cup a vacuum of sorts should have formed. Place the open end of the cup directly on to the affected area of the patient. The amount of cups you use will vary based on the area you are attempting to treat. Your cups will need to be held in place for approximately 15 minutes. If the integrity of the suction is lost for any cup before its time, simply repeat the process. After 15 minutes has passed gently remove the cups. The results should indicate where the trouble spots are and facilitate future treatments.